We are so thankful for all of the teams who have supported this tournament and participated in the past, YOU are what makes this our favorite time of year! We are excited to share with you the details of the 2019 FLOUNDER POUNDER OPEN, THE LARGEST FLOUNDER TOURNAMENT IN THE WORLD!!!! Every year we try to take it to the next level, and we did just that for you this year as well! We have increased the total price money this year by $65,000.00!!! No, that’s not a typo! We went from $235,000.00 total cash prizes…to $300,000.00!!!!! We increased 3rd-6th place by $5,000.00 each and DOUBLED 7th-10th!!! We didn’t stop there, we made the Optional Daily Calcutta Division have 5 places to win instead of 3 AND increased the prize money! We went from $4,000.00/DAY to $11,000.00/DAY! $55,000.00 TOTAL!!! Wondering how? Check out the prizes below!


TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEES: (Includes T-shirts for each angler)

1ST WEEK OF REGISTRATION: (July 29th-Aug. 4th)
$300/BOAT $150/ANGLER (This includes your $50 Donation to the Beebe Tunnell Cancer Center…WE THANK YOU)

$25 Increase for Boat/Angler Fees.
(Early registration is recommended)

OPTIONAL DAILY CALCUTTA ENTRY FEE : $100/TEAM the 1st week of registration (July 29th-Aug. 4th) $125/TEAM the 2nd week of registration (Aug. 5th-11th)

(Optional Daily Calcutta winners will be determined by the weight of the fish weighed that day. In the event of a tie, length will be used. You can win one prize each of the 3 days you fish in the Optional Calcutta division if registered)

• Tournament dates are Wednesday, August 14th – Sunday, August 18th 2019. You may fish 3 out of 5 days.
• Registration will be held July 29-Aug. 11, 2019.
• Captain’s meeting will be on Tuesday, August 13th at 7:30pm in the Lagoon Area.
• This will be a flounder tournament only and you must fish on a registered team/boat.
• You may have up to 8 registered anglers on your team with one being registered as the Captain. Everyone on the boat must be registered, no exceptions!
• Each team will receive 2 Lay Day Cards to present the 2 days you do NOT fish, or you may use our Lay Day email system for those 2 days.
• Each team is eligible to win one prize in the top 10 overall.
• Each team may also win one prize in the daily Calcutta each of the 3 days you fish.
• The Captain from each team is only entitled to weigh one fish per day and it is his/her responsibility to bring the heaviest fish to the scales.
• You may fish in both Delaware and Federal waters.
****NEW THIS YEAR****You may only fish 50 NAUTICAL miles from the Indian River Inlet Green Buoy #1! Any fish caught outside 50 NAUTICAL miles will be immediately disqualified!
• Winning flounder are determined by weight, in the event of a tie, length will be used. Each captain is eligible to weigh 1 flounder per day. The flounder must be weighed the day it is caught.
• All fish must be landed using rod and reel, hook and line. You must land, hook, and fight your own fish. Another angler may net your fish, however no gaffing, must use net!
• Anglers must comply with all Federal and State of Delaware laws regarding size and number of flounder caught. The Department of Natural Resources sets the minimum size requirements for recreational summer flounder each year in Delaware.
• Lines may enter the water at 7am each day.
• Scales open at 4pm each day in the Lagoon Bar Area.
• Lines must be out of the water by 5pm.
• You must be back to Paradise by 6pm.
• You do not have to come by boat to weigh-in.
• A team may use any means to make their fish available for weighing. This includes but is not limited to switching his fish to another boat, being towed by another boat, or trucking the fish to the scales, however, you have to be in the Paradise Lagoon Bar by 6pm! Once the switch has been made, no team member may fish the remainder of that day.


1st – $100,000.00
2nd -$50,000.00
3rd – $30,000.00 (INCREASED $5,000.00)
4th – $20,000.00 (INCREASED $5,000.00)
5th – $15,000.00 (INCREASED $5,000.00)
6th -$10,000.00 (INCREASED $5,000.00)
7th -$8,000.00 (DOUBLED)
8th -$6,000.00 (DOUBLED)
9th -$4,000.00 (DOUBLED)
10th -$2,000.00 (DOUBLED)

1st – $5,000.00 (INCREASED $2,500.00)
2nd – $3,000.00 (INCREASED $2,000.00)
3rd – $1,500.00 (INCREASED $1,000.00)
4TH – $1,000.00 (NEW THIS YEAR)
5TH – $500.00 (NEW THIS YEAR)


****NEW THIS YEAR TO THE DAILY CALCUTTA**** In order to be qualified to win 1st place, and only 1st place, (only in the daily calcutta division, not the overall division) your fish must weigh at least 5 pounds! Yup, it’s 5 lbs. for $5,000.00!!! And just so you know, there were 39 teams that would have qualified for that 1st Place Daily Calcutta Prize last year…They were:
1. Yahoo’s- 9.8 lbs.
2. Stalker – 8.5 lbs.
3. Sea Hawg – 8.4 lbs.
4. Elnino – 8.1 lbs.
5. Fish Bones – 7.9 lbs.
6. Down – N – Dirty – 7.4 lbs.
7. Tuna Chic – 7.4 lbs.
8. Keepin Her Wet – 7.2 lbs.
9. Bad Fish – 7.0 lbs.
10. Maker’s Mark 7.0 lbs.
11. All or Nothing – 6.7 lbs.
12. Determined – 6.5 lbs.
13. Reel Struggle – 6.5 lbs.
14. Audrey V. – 6.5 lbs.
15. Legal Limit – 6.5 lbs.
16. One-N-Done – 6.4 lbs.
17. Short’s Marine – 6.4 lbs.
18. Gotcha – 6.4 lbs.
19. Dr. Gloom – 6.0 lbs.
20. Here Fishy Fishy – 5.9 lbs.
21. Local Girl – 5.9 lbs.
22. Dancing Man – 5.8 lbs.
23. S.S. Minnow – 5.8 lbs.
24. Reel Run-R – 5.7 lbs.
25. 2 Willies – 5.7 lbs.
26. Get Bent – 5.7 lbs.
27. Going Deep – 5.7 lbs.
28. Miss Yipp – 5.6 lbs.
29. Insufishient Funds – 5.5 lbs.
30. Reelaxin – 5.5 lbs.
31. Mistress – 5.4 lbs.
32. Reel Passion – 5.4 lbs.
33. See You Next Tuesday – 5.4 lbs.
34. Captain Snooze – 5.4 lbs.
35. The G-Unit – 5.4 lbs.
36. Fish Fellas – 5.3 lbs.
37. Ocean Dan-Sar – 5.3 lbs.
38. Reel Wreckless – 5.3 lbs.
39. Grizzly – 5.0 lbs.

$50 from every boat registered will be donated to the Beebe Tunnell Cancer Center! Last year’s check was almost $30,000.00!!!!! That is something that we take pride in and you should be proud 2018 Anglers! Now, how many of you will be registering for the 2019 FPO?? What will this year’s donation be??? We will see! Thank you again to all of the teams, past & future!